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I love you more, baby

My uncle Tim is in desperate need of help. His house burned down last weekend due to a accidental cooking fire that could happen to any of us. He is totally deaf, so had to drive to our house so one of us could call 911- but his whole house was on fire before the fire department even got there. The only thing he was able to save was his hearing dog. He needs everything down to his basic necessities. Clothes, shoes, furniture, food- you name it, he needs it. Anything you could donate to him would really be appreciated. He wears a large t-shirt size and 34/34 pants. His shoe size is 12 1/2.You can mail donations to:1087 Henderson RoadGillsville, GA 30543He is temporarily staying with my grandpa, so if you have something that needs to be dropped off please send a email to ANYTHING is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!Here’s the news article with the story if you want to be sure this story is real:
  • 23 November 2013
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